Roland Boyden: Content Creator and Video Editor

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Video Editing

Services start at just $65/hr or inquire about nonprofit pricing and discounts


Full-service Content Creation

Get a quote for a custom video, all the way from concept to final delivery


Director of Photography

Reasonable rates for professional DP services


Graphic Design

Get the graphics you need to take your videos to the next level, from comprehensive branding to motion graphics



If you're looking to up you staff's game when it comes to the videos and social media content they're already creating in house, mobile video and editing trainings start at just $250


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What to Expect

Get Advice Throughout the Process

Whether  you know exactly what you're looking for, or you just know you want a video of some kind--I'll work with you to build a project that fits your needs and your budget


Nonprofits Special Packages

I've been working with non-profits for a decade and know how to deliver the videos you need to promote your mission on a limited budget