Looking for an experienced video editor, graphic designer and filmmaker in the Philadelphia area? I've got you covered. I'll work with you to key in on exactly what you're looking for, and deliver a competitive quote that reflects your needs and your budget.

Industry veteran meets tech-native millennial

I've been working as a video editor, filmmaker, DP and graphic designer for the past fifteen years. I started when I was just seventeen years old, meaning I've got a decade and a half of experience, but I also grew up in the social media age. That mix of industry experience and social media familiarity has given me a unique insight into the world of online content creation.


Before relocating to the Philadelphia area in 2018, I worked as the production manager for a TV Station in Southern Vermont--a region that has the highest number of nonprofits per capita of anywhere in the country! During that time I created hundreds of videos for nonprofits on a wide range of budgets, livestreamed their keynote events, and helped to train their staff and volunteers to create their own great videos. I learned a lot about what nonprofits need to compete in this social media era, and how to deliver it for them without breaking the bank.